1. How Yoga Is Beneficial to Your Mental and Emotional Health

    If, like many of us, you live a busy life and are constantly balancing different priorities, chances are that you have a pretty high level of stress that you’re also trying to manage. It can be easy to push certain tasks to the side in order to get everything else on your to-do list done, but the …Read More

  2. Eating With A Yogic Mindset: An Intro To Ayurveda

    If you’ve been following our blog, you will have noticed our series about eating plans to help with your specific style of workout program. Today we’ll be talking about eating to improve your yoga practice. While many workout programs require specific types of eating plans to help sustain energy…Read More

  3. Eating For Your Dosha: Kapha

    Recently, we posted a blog about eating with your yoga practice in mind. We introduced the belief system of Ayurveda, the mental and emotional counterpart to the physical practice of yoga. This ancient, scientifically backed system aims to connect the mind and body for a more self-aware and balanced…Read More

  4. Eating For Your Dosha: Vata

    If you’ve read our blog about eating food to help improve your performance in your yoga classes, then you were introduced to the belief system of Ayurveda and the three doshas, or body types, that an Ayurvedic diet aims to bring into balance. You can take this quiz to find out what your strongest …Read More

  5. Eating For Your Dosha: Pitta

    When it comes to eating well to help improve your yoga practice, doing so through an Ayurvedic eating plan is your best bet for overall balance and connection between your mind and body. In a previous blog, we talked about how Ayurveda is the mental and emotional component of the physical practice o…Read More

  6. Basic Asanas For Beginning Yogis

    Yoga classes can be intimidating if you’ve never been before. Everyone looks so limber and they seem to hold the most impossible, gravity-defying poses imaginable. However, every one of them was a beginner once too and building a solid foundation is easier than you think. Understand that the first…Read More