Energy is Addictive

Our goal is to foster sustainable habits and help you discover new limits of your mind and body. It’s time for a challenge. A push for something greater. Duality is the place where everything becomes possible. It is the dynamic combination of an immersive lighting experience, authentic and knowledgeable coaches, and triumphant beat-driven music. We believe your workout is sacred; a ritual for self-care. Learn more about our opening class schedule today and join us in the journey!

Class-by-Class Breakdown 

DualityCircuit (60 minutes) 

Experience a physically invigorating circuit-based class designed to improve your strength, power, and endurance while increasing your metabolic rate. DualityCircuit combines kettlebells, TRX, SkiErg rowers, treadmills, resistance bands, and plyo boxes, you will redefine your limits.

Duality is the proud home of the SkillRun™ treadmill, one of the top tools Olympic athletes use to train. From fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, all students will enjoy the seamless blend of cardio and power training on this machine.


DualityHIIT+Flow (60 minutes)

DualityHIIT+Flow is a true hybrid of what Duality offers. By combining a physically invigorating circuit followed by a mindful yoga flow, HIIT & Flow is designed to help you achieve your personal duality. HIIT & Flow will start in the high-intensity circuit studio and will follow a similar outline to DualityCircuit. After the circuit, you will transition to the yoga studio to be guided through a heated yoga flow. This mindful flow will counter the strength-based cardio from the circuit studio, leaving you feeling balanced and accomplished.
Experience the best of both worlds in one hour!

DualityFlow (60 minutes)

DualityFlow is a heated, power vinyasa yoga that focuses on bringing you into a flow state; a place where you can be challenged mentally and physically. Duality’s sequencing methodology is designed to move you towards a peak posture and “Bridge the Gap”, an intentional part of class where you connect your mind and body. This part of class ties the entire flow together and draws your focus inward. Each class is heated up to 95 degrees.

DualityResCon (60 minutes)

DualityResCon is a high energy, mat-based, beat-driven class that includes mini-resistance bands and dumbbells. In each class, you will experience full-body compound movements and improve your cardiovascular conditioning. Engage in an intense workout to balance both your body and mind.

Discard your limits and push your body to grow in a healthy, safe way. And have fun!