HIIT & Flow is a true hybrid of what Duality offers. HIIT + Flow is a 60-minute class dedicated to your personal duality experience, combining a physically invigorating circuit followed by a mindful yoga flow.

What to Expect

HIIT & Flow will start in the high-intensity circuit studio and will follow a similar outline to DualityCircuit. You will spend 35 minutes working through 3 stations of strength and cardio exercises utilizing our state of the art treadmills, stand-up rowers, kettlebells, slam balls, resistance bands, and TRX. Your time in the circuit studio will be an intense calorie burner. After your circuit, you will transition to the yoga studio to be guided through a heated yoga flow. This mindful flow will counter the strength-based cardio from the circuit studio, leaving you feeling balanced and accomplished.

Why HIIT & Flow?

Movement is a vitamin; your body craves and needs movement to stay healthy. HIIT & Flow gives you two doses of your movement vitamins. It feels good to run on a tread, pick up some weight, and get blood pumping and follow it up with a low back stretch and decompression from intense effort. When your body has the chance to decompress anatomically and physiologically, you will feel revitalized the next day, ready to conquer your next workout.

Why Join Duality?

At Duality, we offer yoga and strength-training classes to help teach you effective ways to train your body. If you’re interested in our classes, reserve your founding membership for just $30! You’ll be able to take an unlimited amount of classes, including DualityCircuit, DualityResCon and DualityFlow classes. Learn more about our other classes and enroll today!