DualityResCon is a combination of resistance, conditioning, and cardiovascular endurance. Duality in Sloans Lake is excited to introduce a new and effective mat-based workout to your routine. Our classes are beat-driven and high-energy. You will use resistance bands and dumbbells to build strength and perform cardio bursts to build stamina.

What to Expect

ResCon classes will be held in the yoga studio on your yoga mat. You will begin with an upbeat, dynamic warm-up and then combine the use of resistance bands, dumbbells, and cardio exercises for a full-body, 60-minute workout geared toward all fitness levels. The studio will be heated up to 85 degrees to keep your muscles warm for the duration of the workout. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but your body will acclimate to the heat as you continue to work out.

Your instructor will lead you through a sequenced class in a fun and consistent way. The pace will be dynamic with high-intensity movements followed by slower, strength-based exercises. Don’t be surprised if your instructor comes over to help motivate you, ensure proper alignment, and find new layers of depth in your exercises.

Anatomy of ResCon

Since strength and conditioning are different methods of improving your physical fitness, it’s important to combine movements that compliment each other in order to improve both.

Types of workouts that are best for strength and conditioning are alactic and anaerobic. This means that the body works without oxygen, doesn’t produce lactic acid, and lasts for 6 to 15 seconds. It works the most quickly and most powerfully compared to other workout strategies.

The types of strength and conditioning training you will see in ResCon include:

  • Resistance Band Movements
  • Dumbbell Exercises
  • Cardio Bursts

A ResCon class can be compared to a yoga sculpt class, as the exercises are mat-based and you’ll be barefoot. The class is beat-driven and you’ll synchronize your movements to playlists. You’ll have one heavy-resistance band for lower body workouts, light-resistance bands for upper body workouts, and two sets of dumbbells.

This form of exercise is great for those who like yoga, but want something more workout-based instead of flow, or for those who want to improve their cardiovascular health, but don’t want to run on a treadmill.

The purpose of these exercises is to challenge your cardiovascular endurance, as well as build strength. When planned appropriately, strength and conditioning workouts can be extremely effective at improving both strength and endurance.

Feel The Burn At Duality

At Duality, we offer strength and conditioning classes to help effectively build muscle, burn fat, and increase your physical abilities. These classes are intense and will test you physically and mentally, but we teach strength and conditioning in a way that is effective and will help improve your overall health. If you’re interested in our ResCon class, become a founding member now for $120 per month and take an unlimited number of classes.

We also have our DualityCircuit class, a HIIT-based class, DualityHIIT+Flow and DualityFlow, a yoga class. You’ll be able to take all of these exercise classes when you become a member.

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