1. Duality Offers The BEST Workouts!

    I have attended a handful of Duality's RESCON classes and they are addicting!! They are my new favorite workouts, filled with great variety and enjoyment. I love the way I feel after. I've had 3 different instructors and loved each one, they do a great job of making sure your form is correct and mot…Read More

    Micah Krieger
  2. Excited For This Studio To Open!

    Incredibly challenging and high intensity resistance conditioning class! It kicked my butt! And arms. And legs. Excited for this studio to open!…Read More

    Megan Sevcik
  3. Extremely Invigorating!

    An extremely invigorating experience where you actual see and feel your efforts come to fruition! The instructors are well educated through the evolution of how our bodies respond to physical activity. They are experienced all the way around with grounding the classes through mindfulness, at the sam…Read More

    Abby White
  4. I Highly Recommend DualityFit!

    The ResCon class I attended was simply incredible!! It’s the perfect combo of strength & cardio. After 60 mins, you are going to be tired as this class is designed for athletes. Jen, Tim & the rest of the staff are very welcoming & encouraging!!…Read More

    Crystal Zerr
  5. ResCon Is Incredible

    The perfect combination of yoga, bands, weights, and cardio. The trainers and the atmosphere were fabulous and cannot wait to see the new studio when you open. Thanks for the encouragement getting me the limits I thought I could not hit! You’re the best!…Read More

    Denise Finn
  6. Amazing!

    The class at the Ramble hotel was amazing! Hard, sweaty and fun!…Read More

    Jai Lene Orr
  7. Denver Needs This!

    Absolutely one of the best workouts I’ve done in a long time! The coaches completely compliment each other. Denver needs this kind of functional workout! Love it and I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years! I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for an efficient and fun work…Read More

    Kellie Audley