1. Perfect Mix Of Cardio, Weights & Yoga!

    I'm so glad this gym opened in my neighborhood of West Colfax/Sloans Lake. I love the mix of cardio, weights, and yoga. I used to have a couple different fitness memberships but Duality really is an all in one studio to get into great shape! I get such a great workout here and burn a ton of calories…Read More

    Natalie Kavan
  2. HIGHLY Recommended!

    The unique equipment, the lighting, the smells, good vibes, creative exercises, smiles and amazing trainers make this place uniquely different than any gym I've ever been to. Phenomenal experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!…Read More

    Clay Martin
  3. Blown Away!

    I discovered Duality in July with one of their free Hiit & Flow classes, and I was blown away by what an awesome workout it was! There are many boutique fitness gyms in Denver, and I feel like I have tried them all through my Class Pass membership, but this one is truly unique and fantastic! Wor…Read More

    Amanda Brian
  4. WOW!

    Wow! One of the best workout classes I’ve taken! I did the HIIT & Flow class and it was amazing! Both work outs complement each other! I left feeling strong and restored! I highly recommend it!…Read More

    Fernanda Sal.
  5. Love The Duality Instructors!

    Beautiful space and the classes are great. I love the yoga room particularly the lights in there. The equipment in the circuit room are brand new and great quality. Also love the instructors!…Read More

    Jessica Lim
  6. What A Great Studio!

    What a great studio! You can get cardio, weight training, resistance training and yoga-all in one amazing space. Tim, Jen, Nattiel. Arkadiy. Brook, and all the instructors are amazing! Just finished a circuit express and it was amazing. Love this studio!…Read More

    Charisse Miller
  7. I Can’t Recommend Duality Enough!

    I cannot speak highly enough about this local, "boutique" gym! It's got an amazing blend of super intense "circuit classes"' and restorative yoga classes (plus other awesome classes that I've yet to try!) The coaches are all experts at what they do, passionate about helping each person get his/her b…Read More

    Alexis Gonzalez
  8. Found What I Was Missing At Duality!

    Duality is a truly unique workout experience! As a runner who loves spin classes, but was missing that core workout to make myself stronger, I found it in Duality. You've never experienced an incredible workout until you've done ResCon! You will be sore in places you never even KNEW you had muscles!…Read More

    Dionne Waugh
  9. Not Only A Great Workout, A Great Community As Well!

    Beautiful & quality studio- check, supportive & inspiring people- check, workout that leaves you exhausted, yet wanting more- check check. Not only a great workout, a great community as well! Walk away dripping sweat and smiling! And.....new Little Man ice cream is just down the street incas…Read More

    Heather Rutledge
  10. Highly Recommend!

    These folks know how to put on an experience. The cross-Training within the circuit class is on point and the Yoga is incredible for active recovery, flexibility and really tapping into that mind body connection. Highly recommend anyone try it out!!…Read More

    Reed Clanahan