At Duality, we offer heated, power vinyasa yoga classes for varying levels of practitioners to help teach a more mindful approach to physical well-being.

A consistent yoga practice will add a new layer of strength and flexibility to your routine. Though yoga is a physical exercise, it is also a mental practice and there is a philosophy behind it that can reduce your overall stress levels and help you relax.

Physical And Mental Well-Being

While yoga isn’t able to treat or cure every ailment, it can help improve your overall well-being in many ways.

Physically, practicing yoga helps improve flexibility and can help with alignment for better posture and less joint pain. It also helps improve strength, balance, and stamina as you learn and hold new poses.

The mental benefits of practicing yoga are also incredible. Yoga helps you become more aware of your body — how it feels and how it moves. It’s a great practice to help reduce stress and relax which, in turn, can even help improve your quality of sleep.

What to Expect

Your practice will start with some very standard postures, like Child’s Pose, otherwise known as Balasana. Don’t worry about understanding the new words either — just allow your instructor to guide you into the next posture.

It will be warm in the studio. Although this might be uncomfortable at first, the point of heat is to warm up your muscles and keep you warm after you start sweating. Your body will naturally adjust to the heat. DualityFlow classes will be heated to around 95 degrees.

Your instructor will lead you through class in a consistent way. The pace will be steady and every new posture will include a series of cues to help you find safe alignment. Your instructor will likely get hands-on with you, so don’t be surprised if they come over to work with you directly. This isn’t because you are doing anything wrong; instead they are helping you build a strong and safe posture.

Tools Of The Trade

While not all of the following gear is required for yoga or even used during every practice, the right gear can help you modify a pose or perform a pose more deeply, depending on your ability level. Here are some suggestions for clothing and gear when practicing yoga:

  • Yoga clothing: There are plenty of clothes that are specifically designed to be used while practicing yoga. The most important aspects of your clothing is that it is comfortable and easy to move in.
  • Yoga mat: Mats create a more even surface with a better grip to practice on. Yoga mats vary in length and thickness, so pick a mat that you know will be long enough for you. If you have joint pain or like extra cushion, consider a thicker mat.
  • Yoga props: Props are the gear that help you modify a pose so you can perform it more comfortably. Straps help you reach and stretch parts of your body you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Blocks help with stability and alignment for poses where you need more support. And blankets help elevate your hips during seated or lying down positions or can be used during cool-down.

Practice At Duality

At Duality, we offer heated, power vinyasa yoga classes for varying levels of practitioners to help teach a more mindful approach to physical well-being. If you’re interested in our classes, checkout our new student specials  All new student specials will be valid for any of our class offerings, including DualityCircuitDualityResCon and DualityFlow classes. 

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